Apple reveals its plan to make the App Store for SMBs

Apple reveals its plan to make the App Store for SMBs

Apple reveals its plan to make the App Store for SMBs

 Apple has officially opened enrolment for its new App Store Small Business Program to assist individual developers and smaller firms earn a bigger cut of the proceeds from the apps they create. The program offers a commission rate of 15% for all developers that earn but $1 million a year once Apple has taken its portion of the profits.

“Enrollment is now open for the new App Store Small Business Program, designed to accelerate innovation and help propel your small business forward,” an Apple update reads. “Featuring a reduced commission rate of 15% on paid apps and in-app purchases, this program helps you invest more resources into your business so you'll continue building great apps. The overwhelming majority of developers on the App Store who sell digital goods and services are eligible — simply complete a brief enrollment form.”

In clarifying the eligibility criteria, Apple confirmed that developers who made but $1 million in post-commission profits via the App Store in 2020 are going to be eligible for the tiny Business Program in 2021. If a developer enrolls on the other hand finds that their earnings exceed the $1 million threshold, they're going to be charged the quality commission rate for the remainder of the year.

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Looking out for the small guy

For small businesses to qualify for the program, they need to list all their Associated Developer Accounts because the collective proceeds will determine the eligibility of the organization in question.

Developers and businesses may find that the program makes a big difference to their overall earnings, as Apple’s standard commission fees (30%) are twice the maximum amount as those charged to members of the App Store Small Business Program. so as to receive the reduced charges by January 1 next year, developers must make sure that they're enrolled within the program by December 18.

Individual developers and little businesses make a useful contribution to the App Store and are liable for the overwhelming majority of applications found there. The new program will hopefully provide the additional support they have to continue delivering innovative digital solutions.